THU 5. November 2020, 19.00
Divadlo BRAVO! – Prague
MON 7. December 2020, 19.00
Divadlo BRAVO! – Prague

Walls & Handbags

Somewhere in town, in the yard of the block home, stands a wall. The wall is a challenge, a test of courage, but also a start to imagination. And there’s a piece of luggage that hides our childhood, our former desires. We used to wrap them up. A small boy and five adult men return to the yard to the wall with a bag in their hands to regain their boyly fantasies. The whole world can be behind the wall. Just climb it up and take it and look at the city from a bird’s eye view. Or open your bag and remember the song:

About the project

When the boy was a guy,
Did not know he was a boy,
With the hands of the eyes,
It made him sick of spinach,
Milk rice, peas,
Even from steed cauliflower.
And today it’s all her.

Theme: Marija Pavlović (SRB)
Libreto, directing and choreography: Jana Burkiewiczová
Directing and dramaturgy: Skutr (SK/CZ)
Expedition: Adriana Černá
Music: Petr Kaláb
Design of acrobatic modules: Petr Horníček, Zdeněk Moravec
Assistant Director, Acting supervision: Željko Maksimović (SRB)
Light: Michal Bláha
Sound: Marián Starý
Production: United Arts

Performed by: Petr Horníček, Lukáš Macháček, Matyáš Ramba, Vítězslav Ramba, Jindřich Panský and Kryštof Unger

Voice from the record: Csongor KASSAI (HUN/SK) and Željko Maksimović (SRB)

Premiere 17.8. 2015 at the festival summer Letná

The project was created with the support of the MK ČR and the Prague City Hall

Thanks to: Cirqueon, Carli Jefferson, Tereza Pospíšilová, Vojtěch Dudek, Lukáš Macháček, Robert Roszbeck, Jiří Vágner, Samuel Jurkovic, Martin Glombicek, Lucie Zázvorková, Kateřina Kavanová, Olivie Dvořáková, Pavel Filip, Eva Tázlerová, Šárka Maršíková, Sváťa Skála,


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