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Divadlo BRAVO! – Prague

The Loser(s)

The winners of the first edition of the Czech Republic’s television competition have talent – THE acrobatic duo DaeMen, they approached other performers from the ranks of dancers and acrobats and under THE production of their own artistic agency United Arts, a new theatrical acrobatic project THE LOSER was created. S), to which they invited the acclaimed choreographic Persón Jarka Cemerka. Although only half of the DaeMen duo, the Acrobat Petr Hornicek, appears in this project, even though the viewers have still a lot to enjoy…

About the project

THE new Ocirpiece performance of THE LOSER (S) wants to be the current reflection of the fact that, in today’s accelerated pace, many people lose their personality and vision of their private and partner life. He wants to wonder where our boundaries are found, who is our model, love and partner.

In addition to winnings, life also brings lost.000000 One becomes a mob, even in the field of love. The way forward is the path of a cruel, thorny, and flashes of joy give hope that it sometimes reaches the target and prevails.

New cirque performances on the motif of poems:

Fatal Shadow
(Anna-Marie Mlezivová)

What are you doing here?
We haven’t seen a long time.
You have a tired face.
I remember those moments when we were dancing all night.
We counted the stars.
And then you gave it to me, the flower.
Because each of the stars represents one path.
And you picked the thorny.

Screenplay, direction and choreography: Jarek Cemerek
Acrobatic Kits: Petr Horníček
Costumes: Andrea Rubin Smělíková, Eva Suchánková
Points Drumming: Carli Jefferson
Music: Ondřej Havlík – En. Dru


Woman: Jana Vrána
Her alter ego: Jana Telcová
The chosen womb: Matyáš Ramba
Mobs: Petr Horníček
Jindřich Panský
Lukáš Macháček
Vítězslav Ramba
Stewardess and commentator: Ondřej Havlík – En. Dru


United Arts & Co. z.s.
Marciho 711/10, 108 00 Praha 10
Czech Republic

Martin Pluhař
+420 731 153 139