16. October 2020, 19.00
Divadlo BRAVO! – Prague
17. October 2020, 19.00
Divadlo BRAVO! – Prague
9. November 2020, 19.00
Divadlo BRAVO! – Prague
10. November 2020, 19.00
Divadlo BRAVO! – Prague

Through the Air

A dance-acrobatic performance on the motif of Richard Bach’s “Jonathan Livingston Gull”.
The performance was based on the skeleton of the story about the Seagle, which, thanks to the passion for the flight, had overcome its boundaries, learned to fly and thus inspired other Sears in the flock.

About the project

The spectator follows a figure that has found joy and passion for years. And the passion allows her to go all over the head and push the boundaries. He tries new techniques and discovers what his body is capable of, expands his horizons and crosses his limits. Fatigue falls asleep in standing, overcoming a broken wing and even death. Jumps and falls, over and over again.

Theme and Choreography: Matyáš Ramba
Music: Vladimír Mikláš
Scene: Petr Horníček
Costumes: Lucie Červíková
Light design: Michael Bláha
Production: United Arts
Overhead Supervision: SKUTR
Sound: Karel Mařík

Performedby: Kristýna Stránská, Vitezslav Ramba, Tomáš Pražák, Naim Ashab, Michal Heriban, Vladimír Mikláš

Premiere 23.8. 2018 at the summer Letná Festival.

The project was created with the support of the municipality of Prague.

Project Partners: Summer Letná, Prague City Hall, CIRQUEON, United Arts, Walldesign, We Hate Ironing.

Thanks: Pavel Hejný, Petr Píša, Tereza Voříšková, and others


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