13. October 2020, 19.00
Divadlo BRAVO! – Prague
12. December 2020, 19.00
Divadlo BRAVO! – Prague


The ego forces us to always be the best, to always be on top, always right. The ego is the number one master that everyone must worship. What happens when another man enters the ring at one of the sports tops. Younger, more energetic, physically more powerful. The ego says, “You have to wrestle! But the breath is no longer enough, muscles say service, anger and frustration obscure the mind … The story of a man who has to go through the inner hell to hurt his own ego and get much more knowledge – namely that physical strength is far from equal to mental, and that no battle is the best battle won.

About the project

Choreography: Radim Vizváry
Music: Igor Ochepovsky
Animation: Amar Mulabegovich
Costumes: Petra Vlachynská
Light design: Michael bláha, Amar Mulabegovič
Overhead Supervision: Daniel Špinar
Sound: Karel Mařík
Production: United Arts

The performance is not suitable for epileptics!

Premiere 24. November 2018 at the theatre La Fabrika.
The project was created with support of the Ministry of Culture.

Project Partners: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, CIRQUEON, La Fabrika, United Arts, Walldesign, We Hate Ironing.


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Czech Republic

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