18. July 2019, 12.00
Colours Of Ostrava
19. July 2019, 20.30
Festival de Wiltz
1. September 2019, 14.00
Festival Letní Letná – Prague
1. September 2019, 20.15
Festival Letní Letná – Prague
7. October 2019, 19.00
Divadlo Na Fidlovačce – Prague
21. October 2019, 19.00
Divadlo Na Fidlovačce – Prague
18. November 2019, 19.00
Divadlo Na Fidlovačce – Prague


Collapse, part of all lives, everyday experience that destroys, bores and crushes. A collapse that will be made, hardened, tightened, or only routinely returned without noticing and realizing its presence. Without collapse you can not scroll your options, you can not go forward, you can not exceed your shadow. We are interested in the essence of collapse, what he does with the individual and what is the opposite with the whole company. Does the company turn to a collapsed back? Will the company use the collapse of an individual or offer a helping hand?

About the project

Theme: Petr Horníček, Tomsa Legierski, Matyáš Ramba
Directedby: Tomsa Legierski
Choreography: Matyáš Ramba
Scene: Petr Horníček, Stěpán Kuklík, Amar Mulabegovich
Animation: Amar Mulabegovich, Jan Šíma – Hyperbinary
Light design: Amar Mulabegovič, Michal Bláha
Costumes: Lucie Červíková
Music: Vladimír Mikláš, Josefina Žampová
Sound: Karel Mařík
Production: United Arts

Performers: Petr Horníček, Lukáš Machacek, Matyáš Ramba, Vitezslav Ramba, Jana Telcová, Kristýna Stranská, Martina Illichová, Nikola Kopáčová, Ondrej Sochůrek, Jiří Bělka, Josefina Žampová, Vladimír Mikláš

Premiere 31.8. 2017 at the summer Letná Festival.

The project is created with support of the municipality of Prague and Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic.

Project Partners: Summer Letná, Prague City Hall, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, CIRQUEON, United Arts, Luftballon, We Hate Ironing, Signal Festival

Thanks: Pavel Hejný


United Arts & Co. z.s.
E-mail: info@unitedarts.cz
Marciho 711/10, 108 00 Praha 10
Czech Republic

Martin Pluhař
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